Friday, October 2, 1998

Ahhhh, it’s October, my favorite month of the year! The weather is turning crisp, the leaves are turning, and we’re starting to think of Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Meantime, check out this bizarre log that Sci and I came up with today. Think Monty Python sketch.

by Gurney and Sci

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you this special interruption: This broadcast has been interrupted with a special interruption.  The interruption in its entirety follows.


We interrupt this special interruption of a special interruption broadcast with the following interruption: NO MORE INTERRUPTIONS!

We interrupt the previous non-interrupting interruption to bring you this extra special interruption:

Water is a liquid.  Thank you.

We now return to our broadcast of the documentary: “Water — What is it?” Water — What is it? It is a liquid. Liquids are those nice things you can drink if they’re not poisonous or radioactive, nor in liquid form under extreme temperatures.

Liquids can be very dangerous.  In fact, you should probably never drink any liquids unless you absolutely have to.  There are many dangerous liquids, such as oil, gasoline, and V8 juice.

We interrupt this broad(also known as wide)cast to bring you another stupid interruption.


We interrupt the previous interruption to bring you the following interruption:

Saturday and Sunday take up two-sevenths of the week.  We now return you to your regularly-scheduled interruption.

Water — What is it? It is a liquid.

(Someone from the test audience yells) No sh*t!

You there, in the back row. Please remain calm or you will be removed from the scene.  Thank you.

(In the background) Hey! This is a free country! You can’t do this to me!

(armed guards come in and haul the guy away)

Heil Hitler. Now, back to our documentary. Water — What is it? Is it..Water? Yes, so it is believed.

(Audience stands up)

(In sync) SIEG HEIL!

Und now der kapitaliztische schwein ist out of heer. Ve may schelebrate. Vater — Vhat iz it? It iz a likvid.


Ve now interupt zis broadkast to bring you ze following interruption: Ve have taken over your kountry.

(Audience stands up again)

(With the national anthem playing) Deutchland, Deutchland, Tuuupperware, now ve schall buy anotter Wunderbaum!”

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