Sunday, October 25, 1998

My new-found interest in wearable computers has started me thinking about the realities of a wearable computer. I’ve decided that I would want to minimize the “Borg look” and go for something that’s as invisible as possible (thanks to Tramm “Foo” Hudson’s recent post to the wearables discussion list). A key-glove would be OK, with a computer system in a backpack (or possibly in a hip pouch, thanks to the new PC-104 standard). That takes care of the actual system, and input. I can’t think of any kind of unobtrusive display, though, which makes me think that a text-to-speech system would be best. I’ve been looking into rsynth, in particular the web version, Say (you can read more about it).

Thing is, it would have to be very *very* well-thought-out. After all, you can’t have a voice prompting you for input with “see-colon-backslash-greater-than.” I’ll see if I can’t put together some thoughts on this and post it here.

I’ve also noticed that Wearables Central has a new showcase of wearable systems that people have built or are building.

Beyond this, I’ve been sick for the past couple days, so not that much new. As usual, I’m well behind on my Level II VB class. My floppy drive is still doing the Sinatra Shuffle and pushing up daisies. Always something with a computer, it seems.

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