Saturday, November 21, 1998

Wow. I’ve come across a *very* cool program recently, though you probably won’t use it much. It’s called SiSoft Sandra, and it’s basically a system information program. It’s a well-behaved little program that provides an icon menu of system pieces (motherboard, CPU & BIOS, buses, video, Windows memory, DOS memory; oh, I could go on and on), and will give you more information than you could believe on each of these bits. It’ll even give you tips on speeding up your system based on your particular system information. Beautiful piece of work. Download it from

I finally got Opera registered. I have to agree with Brennen; this is the best browser for PC’s. I’m running Opera and Netscape simultaneously right now, and Opera is easily loading every page faster than Netscape.

And I’m finally downloading the Star Wars Episode I trailer thanks to a list of trailer mirror sites on the web.

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