Sunday, November 1, 1998

Perusing the LucasArts webpage, I see they’re finally making a new game in the X-Wing series of space combat simulators, letting players fly the Millenium Falcon! Looks like they’ll finish up the series’ plotline by ending the game with the assault on Endor, which ended the movie Return of the Jedi.

Not surprisingly, they’re also working on a Tomb Raider-style Indiana Jones game.

They’ve also updated the official Star Wars homepage with a visit to the Leavesden Creature Effects Shop for a peek at what they’re building there. The Episode I Preview Album has also expanded to include a few new pictures. The whole album is somewhat useless, though, as we don’t know what any of these things are. Sure, OK, these are Theed Palace Guards. Are they good, or bad? Are they the “red-shirts” of the new movie? All we’re given are random shots of different stuff. Ah well, I’m still anticipating the new movie.

Interestingly, in my perusal today for the sources of these links, I came across a page devoted to a totally unknown Star Wars craft visible for a few frames in the Return of the Jedi space battle scene, christened The Y-Head Corvette. Its configuration is radically different from any other known ship in the Star Wars universe, and raises some intriguing questions as to why we haven’t heard about it before. It’s probably just a spare model thrown in for visual complexity, but it seems odd that nobody involved in production ever mentioned it before — no ship stats, not even a passing reference in a Vehicle Guide.

For the record, I’m awaiting more work on the keyglove until I can find some regular, non-enameled metal snaps. Wouldn’t think they’d be that hard to find, would you? And today I moved all my diary entries from September backwards to a Past Entries page.

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