Tuesday, December 1, 1998

Interesting editorial on Yahoo! News about the online music industry, or the lack thereof. The labels want to protect their profits, and there’s really no *reason* for them to go online. The fans would want it, but it would be a big hassle for the labels, with no clear profits. IMHO, a few artists need to make their own label, right off the internet, and sell themselves exclusively from that. If they produce good, quality music, they could really shake up the industry. They’d get more profits, too — fewer costs.

I’m getting a bunch of ideas for a Real-Time Strategy game, thanks to the good people on rec.games.design. I’ll post my progress as my design comes together, but my current idea is for an SF-ish world with several factions trying to own land. The engine itself would be extremely customizable — extractable buttons, a scripting language, and lots of other cool stuff. When/if I get a chance, I’ll code up a demo of some of the features and upload it here. If anyone has any suggestions, e-mail me.

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