Thursday, January 28, 1999

Ahhh, feels good to be back on schedule with this. Though of course, by saying that, I’ve doomed myself to forgetting for another week or two.

Lessee. I’ve been having lots more fun with BeOS, getting more familiar with coding. Well, at least, trying to figure it out. If I ever do, I’m determined to write a Visual Basic variant; the arrangement of all this C++ seems horrendously complex. I’m learning, though.

Learning and laughing, particularly at BeDope, a parody news site about BeOS news. They reported on an upcoming BeOS Super Bowl ad starring dozens of high-profile celebrities, and Michael Jordan signing on to be a developer for Be. Lots of cute stuff, and some real news in there. Also, BeForever is my kind of news site; straightforward and as comprehensive as it can be. Updated daily. I’d appreciate a bit more explanation on the news items, though.

It seems the X-Men movie is going to be a reality; Patrick Stewart is as close as close can be to signing on as Professor Xavier, the perfect match IMHO. There’s evidently a lot of interest in Hollywood to sign on with this, and the casting indications so far are quite good.

It looks like Buckaroo Banzai will be a TV series, a mid-season replacement for FOX’s next season (e.g., early 2000). For those of you who don’t know, Buckaroo Banzai was a comic book (oops, “graphic novel”) and major film, starring a group of nuclear physicists / jazz players / test pilots / adventurers that get involved in all sorts of wild stuff. Lots of good, plain fun; think Indiana Jones. There are also rumors of a DVD “special edition” of the film possibly to be in the works.

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