Thursday, January 7, 1999

Well, The Prince of Egypt has thus far made more than Star Trek: Insurrection, in less time. It’s also made 85% of what You’ve Got Mail has made in the same amount of time, and as much as Patch Adams with only one more week’s worth of sales. I’m impressed (this according to‘s box office report [since removed]).

I spent about two hours last night talking to Eric (friend of mine, the guy who does Daemonsong) about some various and sundry productions we want to do. I may have a pretty major report to give here in a few days, about something I’ve been wanting to do.

Good things to say about‘s customer support: I called about my problem with the mis-order. They’re sending Danger: UXB out next-day delivery; when we get that, we put the George of the Jungle tapes into that box, slap the included return-address label on the side, and put it in the mailbox, no charge to us. Now that’s customer support.

I got some Civil War books from yesterday, actually, and I’ve been looking through them. I’m beginning to uncover some fascinating details just in what little I’ve read; lots of conspiracy-type things to think about. I’ll post more as I get into more detail.

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