Wednesday, January 27, 1999

OK, as promised, more today. I actually have some thoughts on UPN, the struggling TV network.

First off, I hear that Star Trek: Voyager has stopped sucking this season. I certainly hope this is the case; I always thought Voyager had a good cast and a premise worth looking at. Sadly, they haven’t done much with it. I’d love to see them start making some really kick-butt work in the coming seasons. And yet, here’s the synopsis of next week’s episode; could it sound any more schlocky?

When aliens from another dimension make First Contact with Dr. Chaotica, Janeway must enter his domain disguised as Queen Astria to prevent Voyager’s destruction.

I also caught the last five minutes of one of UPN’s longer-running shows, The Sentinel. It was a season finale, so of course some drama could be expected, but I was surprised that they killed off the main character’s sidekick. You have to respect a show that’s willing to do something like that.

On the subject of ballsy presentations, Ain’t It Cool News has just started featuring a poll for the Coolest Film of 1998. At the moment Out of Sight is on top, followed by The Big Lebowski and Dark City, though expect those numbers to change.

And on the subject of cool news, I understand George Lucas was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight and told them that “the real” trailer for Star Wars: Episode I will be released in March. I’ve heard rumors it will run for four minutes. Yowza. (incidentally, the Episode I website listed up there has been updated recently, and boy does it look cool!)

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