Tuesday, May 11, 1999

I started work on a financial application for the BeOS last night, and it’s coming along nicely. I have to admit: I’m enjoying figuring out exactly how everything hangs together, and I’m getting more and more impressed at the BeOS programming structure as I work with it. It’s not that it’s amazingly innovative; it’s just so clean and straightforward, especially for a GUI language.

Anyway, I’ll post more information as I progress on that.

There are also rumors that BeOS is getting into the set-top box / internet application arena. Several major BeOS supporters have been talking a lot about developing those sorts of systems, and in their recent IPO announcement, Be called the OS a media development and internet application operating system. Hmm. Will we see more of this?

I’m not sure if BeOS will do well in a set-top box, to be honest. I just can’t see how a full OS can fit into a fridge or microwave application, programmer insistence on modularity notwithstanding.

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