Tuesday, May 25, 1999

No updates lately — I’ve been deperessed. I watched The Phantom Menace again Friday night, and I’ve been caught up in the story. I really feel for poor Anakin.

But, hopefully, no more waves of depression for me! It has re-awakened an old urge of mine: I used to be involved in a church club for 8–12 year olds. I’ve decided to get back involved in that, so hopefully I’ll have more news to post on that end. It takes up one night per week during the school year, so it won’t start until September anyway.

I did come across this interesting tidbit today: The Pump. They say that, based on descriptions of the Great Pyramid, it’s actually quite easy to explain how it was built. It was a massive water pump, and the evidence really is quite striking. While a bit hard to read, the site’s definitely worth looking through.

According to an ABC NEWS story, an entire 40-pound reel of The Phantom Menace was stolen from a Wisconsin theater over the weekend. I have to wonder exactly what they’ll *do* with the thing; regulations for the film have been so tight that any violations should be plain as day (which, of course, was the point of the regulations). And Lucas has been very clear in saying that he’ll prosecute to the fullest possible extent.

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