Friday, June 18, 1999

D’oh! I found out last night that I forgot to register my copy of BeOS, and unless I did so, I wouldn’t be getting 4.5. Ah well, I registered, so hopefully my CD should be arriving in fairly short order.

I was working late last night, so I didn’t get much done in anything. I’ve worked out a few features of my BeOS application, so hopefully I should have a fairly useful version done by the end of the weekend! Screenshots, etc. will be posted here (tip for screen captures in BeOS: hit PrintScreen. A file called Screen1.tga will be put in your home directory. Hit PrintScreen again, and get Screen2.tga [and so forth]. Then just load it up in ArtPaint, convert it to .jpg, and away you go).

Are you goint to see The Phantom Menace tomorrow? The fans are banding together for a Secondy Opening Day, which they plan to make as big as (or bigger than) the first. It’s tomorrow. Be there. I will be.

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