Monday, June 21, 1999

Ever have one of those weekends where everything looks free and available for use, then is suddenly filled up with things to do at the last moment? I was literally busy all day Saturday, then spent most of Sunday out (Father’s Day, and all that). Come Sunday night, I was too tired to be able to do anything really useful.

So, I watched TNT‘s original movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. It focuses on Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as they began their empires. Actually, it spends a lot more time on Jobs, and in particular on how much of a jerk Jobs was, evidently. Interesting to watch; according to the film, Jobs worked up a very cultish atmosphere at Apple. Quite frightening to see.

And Bill Gates was a complete dweeb. An incredibly brilliant dweeb, but a dweeb nonetheless. Fun to watch; particularly look out for the “computer virus at the airport” scene.

It was also odd to see how similar Gates was to the Bryce (sp?) character on Max Headroom, down to the hand motions. I don’t think it was the same actor (if it was, he’s changed considerably). And if you ever do get a chance to see Max Headroom, do so. It’s quite a bit more impressive than you might imagine.

Oh, and check out the proposed 1988 Max Headroom advertising campaign while you’re at It is frighteningly like The Space Merchants (you haven’t read that yet? Go do so! Go on!).

In other news, Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon is no-holds-barred excellent. Wow. I sincerely hope this becomes a classic.

I got BeOS R4.5 installed. Some nice changes, and I’m itching to get my network up between my Win and BeOS machine. This will also let me print across the network. Sweet.

I hear Anna Paquin (photo) has been signed on as Rogue in the upcoming X-Men movie. She looks like she could really do it right. Man, some great choices thus far: Patrick Stewart for Professor Xavier, Sir Ian McKellen for Magneto, and maybe Mel Gibson as Wolverine (Mad Max, anyone?).

#46 out of 136 and climbing on Team BeOS at SETI@home.

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