Sunday, June 13, 1999

Yesterday went swimmingly; we had a great time at Gunston Hall, then re-watched some of our videos from England, and sorta goofed off for a lot of the day. Today I’ll be at my neice’s 3rd birthday party most of the day.

Found out some interesting bits about George Mason: he came into his inheritance at the age of 10 after his father died in a storm at sea. He always conducted business himself, never using hired help to balance the books or haggle with businessmen. He was highly conscious of rights issues, and in fact wouldn’t sign the Constitution because it didn’t have a Bill Of Rights when it was drafted. He deplored slavery, but didn’t want it instantly abolished because of the number of people’s lives it would ruin (both free and slave). I found a pretty good biography of Mason online (ironically, hosted in the Netherlands).

Work on the Wolfenstein 3D-esque game is moving apace. I’ve got texture mapping and background music working, and there are now objects scattered about which you can pick up and use (OK, the only things I’ve actually done are keys and locked doors, but the basic functionality is in place).

My problem with the Wolf3D game now is coming up with an interesting premise and game idea. I’m tired of FPS games, and this certainly won’t stand up next to Quake3. I’m thinking of doing a Ghostbusters-esque game that emphasizes fun more than intensity. We Shall See. Let me know what you think.

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