Wednesday, June 16, 1999

I’m impressed. Be, Inc. is sending a free upgrade CD to every single registered user of BeOS R4. Automatically. Very Cool.

I may be going to St. Louis on business in the next day or two, so diary updates might get screwy in the short term. And I won’t have any time to do more BeOS development! :-(

I found some very nice apps for BeOS the other day: ArtPaint, a BeOS equivalent of PhotoShop that doesn’t have quite as many features, but still does more than I could ever comprehend. AbiWord is a new word processor that has potential (it’s in pre-pre-pre-release mode ATM). And there’s a port of POV-Ray, a 3D raytracer. All available on BeWare.

And I’m now #61 (or thereabouts) out of 111 in Team BeOS at the SETI@home project.

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