Wednesday, June 30, 1999

The crisis at work has passed, pretty much, so I’m back to a normal work schedule. I’m hoping to skip out early today and take care of a certain lost check book. :-/

Ooooh, incidentally, I set up a very cool piece of software called Fictional Daemon that acts as a telnet/FTP server on my home machine. This lets me telnet in to my machine at home and browse the files there. Then I can FTP files back and forth. Lots of fun, though I have to make note of my IP address every time I leave the computer. I’ll see how useful it is.

I finished writing an article called Six Mistakes Short Story Writers Make, based on my experiences as Papyrus‘ editor. I sent off an e-mail query to Writer’s Digest and will hopefully be submitting it there. Failing that, there are a few other similar publications I can try.

Basically, the article covers the major blunders I most often see in the fiction submitted to me. It’s amazing how often these sorts of mistakes are made: completely bland protagonists, plots that take forever to start, plots that never go anywhere, stilted prose, and stories that don’t fit my guidelines. There really is a lot to juggle in short story writing.

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