Wednesday, June 9, 1999

Ugh,’s servers have been up and down all week, which is why I haven’t been updating more frequently.

IAE, I ran out to CompUSA the other night for a new case (I couldn’t remove the power supply from my BeOS system’s case, so I needed a whole new case), and surprisingly enough got one for USD$40. I swapped everything into the new case, and it booted up like it had been assembled that way. I’m officially happy. :-)

I wrote a simple Wolfenstein 3D-style raycaster for the BeOS yesterday, partially just to see if I could. It worked remarkably well. I’ll be posting it on, and here on a website, and hopefully garnering some feedback.

I’m now #80 out of 102 members of Team BeOS at seti@home! And for no really good reason, it seems to take my BeOS machine a quarter of the time that it takes the Windows98 machine to process the same amount of seti@home data. And the BeOS machine is slower, and the actual program is supposed to be worse.

I’ve been using Postmaster as my primary e-mail client on BeOS, and if you’ve got Be, I’d recommend you try this out. It has everything I need (multiple account support, filters, easy attachment handling), and it’s quite simply a joy to work with. That’s right, I actively enjoy using this program.

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