Sunday, July 25, 1999

I spent much of the evening last night doing various errands, and to reward myself I sat down with a few manga at the local Barnes & Noble. For the uninformed, manga is a style of Japanese comic book that’s targetted at an adult audience — don’t be surprised to find nudity and rather gory violence. But the books are so well-done; the violence and such is always (well, almost always) an important part of the story. If you get a chance, read a few at a local bookstore. They’re usually very good.

I also watched Cube, a critically-acclaimed low-budget Canadian SF/fantasy film by Vincenzo Natali, about a group of “regular folks” trapped in a series of cubical rooms. Some are safe, some are deadly, and they don’t know if there’s a way out. But they’re gonna try. It’s a very good little psychological thriller, which illustrates how people react. What makes us human, both good and bad.

Oh, and the “youth” at my church took care of the service again this morning. It went quite well, actually, and that was at least partially due to Erin’s suggesting we all get together after the service last week to go over what we should do. We probably won’t get a chance to do this again soon, as most of us will be out of town next month, but this was really quite enjoyable. I hope we can do it again, despite the fact that I dislike putting it together. It’s a big responsibility, even for such a small church.

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