Thursday, July 8, 1999

Boy, I almost typed “1998” in that datestamp above. Frightening.

I got some TV in last night, between compilations of Accountability (my BeOS financial app). I finally caught an episode of Crusade, which was basically a below-par episode for an established series, but pretty good for their first season. It definitely has more of a swashbuckling, Star Trek: The Original Series feel than Babylon 5, which is undoubtedly refreshing. Some good old-fashioned space adventuring is an awful lot of fun.

I also caught the last half of an episode of Spawn, HBO‘s fantasy series. I have to admit — I thought it was absolutely brilliant. Gritty, but gritty done right: gritty as a part of our lives, gritty as an actual world-view. The animation was not absolutely perfect, but then it’s obvious that much more time is spent on the static images than the animation itself. Highly impressive series. At least movie-quality. Wow.

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