Sunday, September 5, 1999

Plans change rapidly when the power goes out.

I’m working again today. Fortunately I only have a few more things to do, then I’ll come back in on Monday to do some testing.

Church this morning went well — I sang The Old Rugged Cross and In The First Light (the latter being a song by Glad). I always get nervous before singing at church, even though we only had 50 or so people there. I figure I have a “good” voice; not excellent, but a little better than average. I got a few compliments, anyway, so I can’t have done too poorly. :-)

FoxTrot has been running a hilarious series of strips about the iMac (or as they call it, the iWhack…I wonder if Bill Amend reads User Friendly?). Check ’em out.

Also note the new poll, regarding SF films.

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