Monday, November 22, 1999

Eeeeeeeek! No updates in four days! My apologies.

Two major events: One, I’ve been accepted as the BeOS Guide at :-) Tonight I plan to fully update it with all of the appropriate links and content, and it’ll hopefully go live in about a week and a half.

Two, the head of my project at work has recently decided to overhaul his leadership style, and get more actively involved in the project. He feels he’s been more of a manager and less of a leader, and he has a point. He hosted a lunch with me and two of my co-workers on Friday, in which we all hashed out a number of ideas. He likes the idea of having an internal website with documentation and such, so I’m going to suggest a small dedicated server running BeOS. I can but hope. :-) There are a few other little initiatives that I can suggest, which I won’t comment on here until I discuss them with him.

Informant is progressing steadily, though not as steadily as I would have liked. Part of the problem is keeping me dedicated to the project; I just get tired of it. I’m fairly close to having a beta-ish version, though. My current plan is to send out an imperfect, not-fully-implemented version to a small group of User Interface Testers, and then incorporate their ideas into a beta version which will go out to beta testers, and then take their bug reports and incorporate them into the first version. The first version will probably be minimally functional from a newsreader perspective, but all of the underlying important functionality will be there.

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