Tuesday, November 2, 1999 — My Birthday

Well, that’s that. My October diary entries are no more. Gone. Kaputskied. Mostly due to impatience in saving an update.

Well, hopefully this will teach me to back up more often and more definitely. I’ll keep a closer eye on my backup procedures from now on.

Well, what new has happened? Daemonsong Productions may be allying with Super Thin to provide more web content exposure. Yesterday I read through the entire archives of the hilarious (and occasionally touching) comic strip Kevin & Kell. I bought two books on cartooning, which is a hobby I’m thinking of taking up (no, I’m not very good at the moment). I had a great time at my local AWANA club’s Halloween night (I got some gumballs!). I haven’t done much on Informant lately, partly due to my not feeling well lately, and partly due to a lot of stuff going on lately at home (relatives coming over, chores to do, errands to do, etc.).

I finally received the anime cel of Ryoko (note that there’s a nude image of her on that page, but her naughty bits are covered) that I bought on eBay. I’m going to get it professionally framed, which will take some time — the place I went to warned that it would take about two months (!). I’m going to try one other framing place that’s a little farther out, and hopefully won’t have as long of a wait. There are several interesting framing options: a special no-glare glass, and/or a special “double-hung” option which puts the cel between two panes of glass, making the cel look as though it’s hanging out in space. Hmmmm.

Work is OK, but rather slow at the moment. I’m stuck in one of those situations where I’ve got to wait for other people to get back to me on a variety of things. Grrr.

And Princess Mononoke is coming to theaters. It’s time to overcome your fear and ask your friends and family to go see this movie. This could very well be the movie that will prove to be a pivotal turning point for anime. Not only could anime become mainstream in the U.S., if America were to suddenly become a serious market for anime, we could see an explosion of new titles being made and released. But only if the anime fans get up and politely get as many people as they can to get into those theatres. AFAIK the movie has only been released on the West Coast so far. Keep your eyes peeled.

October entries missing due to operator idiocy.

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