Sunday, December 19, 1999

Well, church went well this morning. Dad finally resigned as Sunday School teacher (effective after the last class he teaches, on January 2nd). He feels so good about being free of that responsibility. It’s not so much that he despised doing it, it’s that he finally feels free to leave the church. Which has been feeling remarkably dead — nobody really does anything spiritual there. Sure, they’ll debate theological points in Sunday School, and they’ll tithe a bit to the church. But that’s about it. And it’s sad.

In any event, I had to cancel going to AWANA because we had a Christmas concert to go to. It was a collection of Ralph (prounced “rafe”) Vaughan Williams music, and boy was it beautiful. They had two full-scale choirs plus a children’s choir. Beautiful music.

I also finished wrapping all of my Christmas presents, which I’ll send out via UPS tomorrow. I’m pleased, too…I managed to get good stuff for everybody on my list.

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