Wednesday, March 1, 2000

Well, I’m an uncle again. Today, my sister gave birth to her third girl, Megan. Everyone is healthy and happy.

My parents drove down to my sister’s for the birth, which meant that after a long day at work, I came home at 7:15 to an empty house. We’d had a neighbor come over to let the dogs out at 3:30 or so, who then locked them into one side of the house. Unfortunately, that particular neighbor had also given them lots of water to drink, so Lexie (our English Setter) wet all over the hallway when I came in. I couldn’t blame her, though, so I cleaned it up and let them both out. No more problems thereafter.

I tried to do some sketching in the evening, but it didn’t work out so well; I just wasn’t really inspired by anything. So instead, I watched an episode of Space Island One, then Angel.

Space Island One is a cool little dramatic British TV show, set 20 years in the future on a privately-funded version of the International Space Station. It has that wondeful Babylon 5 style of plotting, in which each episode builds on events in previous episodes; the characters in the second season will act quite differently than they acted in the first, based on what’s happened to them. It’s really an impressive show. The acting is occasionally spotty, but I can forgive them that. Unfortunately, I can only find the show on one local public TV station.

I posted PR2 of Informant on Sunday. PR2 offers some bug fixes, plus a few extra features not seen in PR1. I’m already nailing a few bugs for PR3.

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