Friday, April 14, 2000

Arrrrg, I lost yesterday’s update when my work computer froze up. I managed to re-constitute it today and post it.

Anyway, not too much going on. I’ve spent some time this week going over my taxes, in preparation for actually calculating them out tonight or tomorrow (ideally tonight). Thanks to my huge losses in the name of Papyrus, I should get a sizable refund.

Meanwhile, I’ve been pretty faithful to my nightly schedule, which pleases me. Background: Because I tend to try all sorts of things, I’ve decided to apportion out my nights so that I do something different every night. Monday night is writing night, Tuesdays are for drawing/sketching, Wednesday night is music night (piano and violin, plus composing if it ever comes to that), Thursdays I work on my site, and Friday I get in some reading time. I can’t always follow the routine fully every week, but I try to get in at least a few minutes of the appropriate thing every night.

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