Thursday, April 6, 2000

Well, I planted some West African impatiens, bleeding hearts, and…something else in pots in my garden last night. I don’t exactly have a wonderland yet, but it’s improving. The impatiens, particularly, look good.

Meanwhile, I’ve been gearing up to drive up to Saalon’s over the weekend. I don’t expect to update this diary until Monday or so, as a result. We hope to spend the weekend watching the Tenchi Muyo! OAV series, then the Tenchi Forever film together. Should be fun.

BeOS stock has been rising steadily, after being beaten down steadily to 14 (from 20 or so). Once it gets back up to something over 20, I’ll sell some of it and toss my first $2,500 into the Foolish Four. I’m also going to take this opportunity to switch my brokerage from DLJdirect to Datek Online. DLJdirect costs USD $20 per trade, which is just too much for me, compared to Datek’s USD $10/trade. And DLJdirect doesn’t offer anything special (not that I’d need it; I just want to buy and sell stocks! I can get financial data and evaluations and such elsewhere).

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