Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Updated Cool SF.

I went to the dump last night and got a load of mulch. In the rain. I actually enjoyed it; I was the only one there, I was able to enjoy the weather, and heck…what’s a little rain matter?

When I got back to the house, I was amazed to see that my parents had already sanded and painted my French door. The door itself still needs one more coat of paint, but other than that, they did an incredible job. It looks like the door has been part of the house since it was built.

I then did a little work on my About.com site, as requested by my editor. I’ve come to realize that the organization of the site could be a lot better than it is, so I’m hoping that I can spend some time this week re-organizing the site. I think the whole site will be much better as a result.

I spent some time talking with Saalon, about anime and Tenchi Muyo! and such. He finally saw Tenchi Muyo in Love today, which he loved. It’s hard to go wrong there.

I also did a bit of work on Informant, my BeOS newsreader. I think I’ve got it to where it will use killfiles appropriately. And thanks to some help from #bedev, I’ve got keyboard shortcuts working nicely; I just need to put in more of them.

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