Monday, May 22, 2000

And now the web-based interface to my diary is eating my updates. Lovely.

Went to a graduation party last night for Erin Smith, a friend. After the main party we played Nurts (a multiplayer solitaire game), went out to see Keeping the Faith — which I liked quite a bit, incidentally — and went to Don Paulo’s for some Mexican food. After having surprising difficulty explaining that I wanted chicken in my tacos (“I’ll have chicken.” “You get three; what do you want on them?” “Chicken.” “Yeah, but you get three. How do you want them?” “With chicken.” “On all of them?” “Yes, chicken.” “Oh, OK.”), I explained about Mad Cow Disease having entered the country, and managed to scare everyone else into changing their orders to chicken as well. Ha!

On Saturday, my Mom and i went shopping, and stopped by a local nursery, where we found several cool plants. Then, Target was selling some very nice pots of impatiens, so I grabbed four of those, and plopped the cool plants in pots in my side garden. I’ll buy more posts to hang the pots off of soon.

I also spent some of the weekend working on that BeOS board game. It’ll now display the entire board layout, in all of its sucky glory. I’m not very good at this sort of artwork. Hey, check out a screenshot.

Meanwhile, I stumbled upon, the “Very UnOfficial Home” of Internet Appliances. It’s got a good bunch of information on net-connected devices, presented in a very pleasing way.

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