Thursday, June 22, 2000

I was about to excuse my lack of updates by saying that nothing really interesting has happened lately, but whenever I say that I end up having a monster update describing all sorts of things.

Nothing interesting has happened in my side garden, except that I bought that portable fireplace/grill through the internet, and it arrived on Tuesday. The fireplace, not the internet. It looks good, too. We put one of those store-bought logs in it, and it burned nicely. Cool beans.

I also stumbled across NieA Under Seven, the latest anime series from the director of Armitage III and the character designer of serial experiments: lain. It’s a nice, calm story about a group of children (all girls), living in what appears to be a vaguely post-apocalyptic world. It focuses on two characters, the shy Mayuko, and the bouncy, blonde, elfin NieA.

What’s interesting is that they’re posting each episode of the show online, as RealVideo streams, at this place. So you can watch a whole (half-hour) episode, including beginning and ending credits (the latter has been running through my head for a while now).

Saalon’s coming down for the weekend, which is cool. We have a lot of anime to watch (Project A-Ko, Tenchi The Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness, the second Tenchi direct-to-video series, some Ranma, and possibly Grave of the Fireflies).

Which reminds me, I bought Grave of the Fireflies on DVD. Supposed to be one of the greatest anime movies ever. Pure drama, about two siblings who lived in Hiroshima. In 1945.

I was also thrilled to be able to catch the 60-second Tenchi Muyo! ad on Cartoon Network, for their upcoming showings of the series. I’m tickled that they’re actually showing a show that I’ve liked for a long time. It’s sort of a validation of my taste in anime, I guess. :-) And it’s a wonderful ad. Perhaps my favorite line, said in a bombastic, overly-dramatic announcer’s voice: “The universe needs a new hero! Tenchi…just needs some peace and quiet. Good luck.”

Meanwhile, work has begun to truly suck. We’re gearing up for Release 5 of our software on July 7th, and typically for a software project, that means we’re operating in crunch mode. Which we shouldn’t be. But everyone’s been expecting things to go more smoothly at the end. Now that we’re putting everything together for the first time, that is. Ha.

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