Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Well, I had a great time with Brennen and Saalon this weekend. We came up with a fantastic idea for a massively-multiplayer online world that would be way too ambitious for us to be able to fund. But we’ll probably put together a design document and post it somewhere.

We also got the chance to watch Project A-Ko, Galaxy Quest, and Tenchi Muyo in Love together, all of which we enjoyed.

I spent some time on Saturday with the Weblint Gateway, a site which checks any given webpage to make sure it’s got properly-coded HTML. You can think of it as a compiler for HTML; if there are any syntax errors in the code, they’ll be nicely flagged for you. Includes fussy and not-so-fussy options.

And meanwhile, the human genome was mapped. I don’t really feel like posting a trumped-up rant about how this will change our lives. It will. Let’s start dealing with it.

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