Friday, August 18, 2000

Putting in lots of extra hours at work now. Not too bad, though; I’m doing things that I know how to do. Which is amazingly satisfying.

I had a brief interview with Intersect Software yesterday. Actually, it took two hours; I just expected it to be brief. Anyway.

I’m not champing on the bit to jump ship from Litton/PRC, but I’m certainly not happy. We’re not documenting anything, and we’re having to put in lots of extra hours to get our products out. These are really bad signs. Intersect sounds interesting; unfortunately, it’s a small start-up that expects long hours. I’m going to schedule another meeting with them, after thinking it over, at which point we can get down to the specific offer.

Hmmm. I’ve stumbled across a few cool websites, but can’t remember them now. is very good.

I have got a good amount of content up on UFO Dreams, the first English NieA Under 7 fan website. I’m pleased with that. I hope to be posting announcements to the various anime sites soon.

If the weather holds off, I’ll be putting in the pond in my garden tomorrow. Huzzah!

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