Thursday, August 24, 2000

Well, Roger (my truck)’s been banged up a bit. I was in McDonald’s having lunch, when a guy parked opposite it dropped an ice cream cone in his lap, thought the car was in reverse when it was really in drive, hit the accelerator, leaped the divider, and rammed the front of Roger. Thank God, it’s still drivable, and the other driver found me and we traded insurance information. And a quick call to Geico has taken care of the whole thing. I’ll be taking Roger in for an appraisal this afternoon.

I had another one of those long phone conversations with Saalon last night. Besides our normal anime discussions, we brainstormed about Aria, my research agent. We’ve got all sorts of neat ideas about where to go from here, like being able to search the results that have been downloaded. He described an excellent application for Aria: research papers.

I also caught the second-to-last episode of Tenchi Universe. Tenchi defeated Kagato, rescued Ayeka, and…? We’ll have to wait until next episode to find out what’s next.

Which, of course, means that Tenchi in Tokyo starts Friday. We’ll get to see Tenchi going off to college and finding a girlfriend (Sayuka?). Should be interesting.

Meanwhile, the family has been planning a European vacation for early October. I arranged for doctor’s appointments (routine physical, etc.), and I’m trying desperately to get my passport renewed. Thankfully, the State Department’s Travel Deparment has a wonderful passport section, including a renewal form. I should be able to get my new passport in a couple of weeks.

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