Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Well. I’m not in Europe.

Of all things, I came down with a really nasty cold on Tuesday. We got together and discussed our options, then decided to postpone our trip to Europe until early spring. Fortunately, neither the airline nor the hotels imposed penalties for backing out. It looks like we’ll be making our trip in the last week of March and the first week of April, 2001.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing a bit of gardening. Most of it was cleanup and maintenance, but even that is a calming, focusing experience. I’ve got a bunch of bulbs to plant now, too, which is cool.

I’ve worked up a quick game of Blackjack, which is still in-development, but at least works a little bit. I’ve also updated Mancala with a little routine that will look for good moves to make. It’s not exactly a strategy; but at least the computer opponent will go for a capture if it sees one.

That’s about it from here for the time being.

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