Monday, November 13, 2000

My trip to Saalon’s was a complete success. The first thing we did was watch the final DVD of Cowboy Bebop, the fantastic action/comedy anime series. It managed to wrap up both Faye’s and Spike’s past in respectful ways, and finished out Spike’s arc in the only way it could have, really. But man, I had to take a deep breath after the end there. It’s powerful stuff.

Then I got to meet Lumox (sp?), a very cool guy in seminary who wants to be an actor for us. He and Saalon have been good friends for awhile, roleplaying together and such. Neat guy.

Saalon and I then watched the first two episodes of Samurai X: Rurouni Kenshin, a four-episode OVA (a.k.a. direct-to-video) anime series based on a particularly violent time in Japanese history. It was extremely violent at times, but then the story dealt with our reaction to violence, and how we should be horrified by violence. Really good stuff.

Saalon and I also finished the last halves (?) of Venus Wars and Dominion: Tank Police, making it a very successful trip from an anime persepctive.

We also made a highly juvenile video of ourselves using my new digital camcorder, which I should upload an mpeg of to this site.

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