Monday, November 27, 2000

Just got home from a 10.5-hour workday. I should start getting used to this, I think.

This morning I ordered Dual volume 2, Evangelion volume 2, Wings of Honneamise, all on DVD, from Right Stuf Anime. Should be fun; Wings of Honneamise looks terrific, and I know I’ll enjoy the other two.

Let’s see, what else. Lots of interesting stuff has been posted recently on rec.arts.sf.composition, particularly regarding feminine and masculine characters and the “more-masculine-than-a-man heroine” phenomenon. The main consensus seems to be that femininity and masculinity are highly cultural, which makes the distinction very complicated.

I see on AICN that a new poster for the intriguing A.I. has been posted. Harry also suggests that Ron Howard should direct an Ender’s Game film (better hurry; Jake Lloyd isn’t getting any younger).

And it’s very hard to write fiction when one is so tired. In fact, it’s hard to write notes about the fiction, which is what I’ve been trying to do for the past hour or so. And I can’t bag it and take a shower, because I’m waiting for Mom to get home with the groceries and Dad’s in the sitting room so he won’t hear. ‘Course, I could just tell him I’m going to take a shower, so I won’t be able to hear Mom coming in.

In fact, I’m going to go do just that right now.

(Thanks to Michael Jacobsen for pointing out some errors in my diary entries, and pushing me to keep emphasizing text. It’s great to have readers who care.)

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