Thursday, November 2, 2000 — My Birthday

It’s my birthday. No, really, don’t flood me with gifts. I don’t deserve it.

I got a nice sweater and a gardening book from my aunt, and a Dilbert desk calendar from my sister. My parents are taking me out to Mr. Smith’s of Georgetown tonight, then giving me free reign in the bookstore, their treat. A dangerous move on their part.

Saalon just called (I’m still planning to drive up to his place over Veteran’s Day weekend, BTW), and the new Tenchi Muyo! Ryoko figurines are in, for a measly USD $10. If Borders has them (very iffy, but possible), you can bet they’ll be part of my purchase. Even if not, I’ll be buying one ASAP.

BeOS Radio is on the air now at Very cool idea; any music that has anything even remotely to do with the BeOS is played, along with ads and BeOS news. The music’s pretty good, too; mostly instrumental pieces.

(And you’ve gotta love their tagline: “All-Original Music, for All-Original Listeners”.)

I’m still fighting off whatever illness this is. Sore throat, nausea. Fun.

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