Friday, January 12, 2001

This morning I stopped by the post office, and collected a few things that had been delivered to my P.O. box there. Besides the usual spam, I got my copy of Neon Genesis Evangelion 0:2 DVD (it’s been back-ordered for a month), and my Kimiko long-sleeved shirt from MegaTokyo. The shirt is quite nice; Cafe Press does a good job. Plus, I like having a long-sleeved shirt, since it can be worn both in warmer and colder weather.

Had a very good day at work. We’ve officially started planning out our user documentation, which is my job. I’m really looking forward to getting started on that. It’ll be a tough nut to crack, but I think we can have an elegant system.

We also had tea at 4:00, an excellent tradition that was started when our Friday lunches went to twice a week. The administrative assistant runs out to the store and buys scones, biscuits, cookies, bread, cream, and many different kinds of tea, then everyone makes a cup of tea and munches as desired. It’s a wonderful way to spend half an hour.

When I got home, though, the stress of the past week — and a lack of sleep last night — caught up with me. I felt like I might benefit from a quick lay-down on my bed, and promptly slept like a rock for two hours, still wearing my coat, no less. But I woke up somewhat refreshed, just in time for my sister and her daughters to leave (they’d come for the day). :-/

Ugh. As I write this, I realize how poorly I’m constructing sentences, and how confusing the narrative is. Forgive me; I’m looking longingly at bed.

But I do want to mention that I watched the first 1.5 episodes of the Evangelion 0:2 DVD, and I’m actually a little more impressed than I expected to be. The show seems to be hitting its stride, and is toning down the HUMOR and obscure plot elements in favor of solid character development and more understandable storytelling. I just hope this keeps up. And I can’t wait to meet Asuka.

Oh, and at work, I also tweaked POV‘s message board system. Saalon and I discussed a major overhaul of that board, which should make it more powerful and easy-to-use. We want to emphasize on making it very easy and natural for people to post to our boards, which is not an immediately obvious problem on today’s web. You need to be powerful, too. We think we have some solutions, though.

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