Saturday, January 27, 2001

Well. Last night, I accidentally wiped out a significant chunk of the code for Mozart, my MIDI composer app. I can re-write the code, but it’ll take awhile. It’s also pretty crucial code (it’s the part that displays the notes in the song). :sigh:

And it was a stupid mistake, as usual. I dragged the files from the “Mozart” folder over to the “Solar Conquest” folder (Solar Conquest is the new name of the 4X space strateg game I’m writing), which of course moved the files instead of copying them. For some reason, I was sure that that action copied the files.

Well. Life goes on. I’m not about to let myself into a funk because of something like that.

I did some work on Solar Conquest last night, getting the planets to display themselves in the proper alignment. I still have to make them display things like actual planet graphics and such, but at least the planets know where to draw themselves. More as it develops.

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