Thursday, January 25, 2001


‘Twas going to go to Discovery last night, but had to work late and I felt sick so I just went home and lay in bed. I slept pretty well, and feel fine today, so I guess it was just a temporary thing.

Since I pretty much killed all of the plants I had at work (well, except for the cactus), I’ve been buying large amounts of fake plant foliage for work. When I put the stuff in pots, they look quite nice, and having a whole forest motif for my cubicle is pretty darn cool. Here’s what the plants look like:

[Image of fake plants in my cubicle]

I’m sure there’s some other stuff I should talk about, but I really can’t think of a thing, other than that whole “fame and the internet” rant, which I honestly don’t feel like posting right now. So, all of my fans will have to wait. :-P

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