Tuesday, January 30, 2001

When I went out for lunch today, I stopped by Suncoast to look for the latest Dual! DVD, only to find that it hadn’t come in. So instead, I bought the first DVD of the Rurouni Kenshin TV series, as well as the third Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD. Didn’t know that 0:3 had come out so soon.

As I chowed down on a disappointing Blimpie lunch (their “subs” don’t deserve the name; they’re no more than a few slices of meat slapped onto a slightly unusual roll), I finished reading Is the Bible True?, a summary of evidence for and against the Bible. I’ve got a review on my read books page.

Then, after working out at Gold’s Gym after work, I spent some time trying to get Tramp back up and running. The primary hard drive started to die about a week ago, I guess, so I’ve been meaning to pull it out, put in the replacement hard drive, and re-install Windows.

This whouldn’t be necessary with an OS like BeOS, of course, but what can you do? Tramp has my printer and scanner attached to it, and there aren’t any BeOS drivers for those yet, that I know of.

I also got my twelve-pack of sodas from Jones Soda. They’re fantastic, and you can order them right off their website. You can even pick and choose which flavors you want in your set.

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