Tuesday, January 9, 2001

Tanjit. I must have lost my original entry for today.

Work’s been sucking, but it’s been my fault. To be brutally honest, I’ve been procrastinating about working on my parts of the application, and as a result I’ve managed to stress myself out. I’ve been feeling under immense pressure, and like I’m very behind, and what’s my reaction bee? To surf the ‘net.

I got so fed up with myself that I ranted about it to Saalon, who kindly offered his ear, then gave me some excellent advice: (1) Get out of the office for a little while to clear your head, and (2) break your work down into sub-problems; don’t look at it like it’s Project Wooly Mammoth.

I followed his suggestions, and made great strides before knocking off at 9:30 p.m. to get at least a minimum amount of sleep.

But on to other, more interesting things.

I’ve been skimming the forums at MegaTokyo, and have found a whole bunch of really neat people who love to talk anime and (more importantly for me) how to draw. I’ve begun to post some messages there, and just generally make myself part of that community.

And since I’ve been trying to practice my drawing lately, I bought myself a Wacom Intuos 4×5 drawing tablet off the internet. A drawing tablet is a tablet thingy (plus a pen) that lets you draw digitally. E.g., every stroke of the pen is drawn on the computer screen, so I can draw a sketch directly into the computer, without having to first draw it on paper, then scan it in to upload it. And since I don’t really need paper sketches for any particular reason (if I need to assemble a portfolio, I’ll print the computer files), this works.

On a completely different note, I got something very interesting in the mail today that I wanted to share. It’s a CD-ROM that lets you assemble photos into a photobook, complete with titles and captions, then lets you upload the file to a website. At that point, your book will be professionally printed as a hardcover “coffee table” book and mailed to your door, all for USD $25. Not bad.

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