Friday, February 2, 2001

Updated Idiotic User Interfaces with a critique of Microsoft Office Online Help. Which doesn’t suck, IMO, but has several really odd “features.”

I also split up the kitchen. Links to my favorite online comics are now on their own page, along with a new list of art sites that I’ve found and like. I’ve also created a separate page for the websites I’ve created, and updated that list with a few sitse I hadn’t mentioned.

And boy, now I realize how much I need to re-organize the library, which has devoled into a junkyard of pages and links. Ugh.

I took this interesting little self-test that assesses one’s spiritual gifts the other day. I scored most highly in Administration, Giving, Faith, and Leadership, while I scored lowest in Evangelism, Hospitality, Knowledge, and Shepherding. Odd about that low Knowledge score (traits are “inquisitive, responsive, observant, insightful, reflective, studious, and truthful,” all of which characterize me rather well, I think), and I don’t consider myself to have a whole lot of faith. Then again, this is just a paper test; nobody’s suggesting that it’s perfectly accurate.

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