Monday, February 26, 2001

Sheesh, it’s amazing how busy one can be when a friend’s over.

We watched Mighty Space Miners Sunday night, only to find out that they only made the first two out of three episodes. So we reached the climax of the plot, only to be left hanging. Arrrrg.

Still, Mighty Space Miners is an excellent little series, dealing with very realistic relatively-near-future asteroid mining. Very enjoyable, despite the suckiness of the title.

This morning, Saalon went in for an interview at Intersect, as a software tester. He didn’t have an opportunity to talk to Ravi (the executive who usually gives the “big picture” to prospective hires), but he believes he carried himself well at the interview. I drove him back to the airport, where he caught a flight home. Now to wait to see if he gets a call back.

Speaking of Intersect, FYI work is very heavy for me at the moment. I’m consistently pulling 12-hour days, though that’s usually with an hour or two’s worth of meals and breaks. We’re behind, but we’re all behind due to waiting for server pieces to be ready, so we’re all in good spirits. But you probably won’t see me on ICQ/IRC much for a few days at least.

In other news, NieA Under 7, one of my favorite anime series, has reportedly been optioned by Pioneer Animation for a U.S. release. NieA is a beautiful short TV series that’s rather hard for me to describe. I experienced it first thanks to some RealVideo streams off of the official website, which I must say is a fascinating way of advertising one’s series.

I also stumbled across an official website for the Toonami-edited release of Tenchi Muyo!, and it’s not part of Toonami itself. A very nicely-made site, really.

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