Friday, April 6, 2001

Finally! I got on Hotline today and was able to connect to, a Hotline server run by a member of the neobaka crew. He has a whole slew of anime music videos on there, so all during work I was jumping back to Hotline to grab another file. Though there were so many people trying to download that I just spent most of my time uploading my own videos.

Hotline’s a pretty neat service; it’s not completely revolutionary, but it’s one of those ideas that just makes sense. Sorta like IRC; it’s not causing any revolutions, but it’s a very solid design and implementation.

All Hotline is, is a service that lets you share files and chat, all on the same server. So it does something similar to, say, Gnutella (thanks to Brennen for the explanation last night of exactly what Gnutella is), but localized, so you get more of a sense of place, of locality. Somehow, it works.

I came back from work, to help Mom finish assembling this massive wedding cake that she’s making for a wedding shower on Sunday. Three layers, with all these elaborate sugar flowers. It’s undoubtedly the most complex cake she’s ever tried to make, and boy does it look amazing. I took pictures and videos, so I’ll upload something once I get a chance.

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