Monday, April 23, 2001

Today is the first day of TV Turn-off Week. And while I get somewhat frustrated with some of the rhetoric used in it, their Zen TV Experiment is worth reading.

I went back and added some content to diary entries of the last copule of days, just generally fleshing out areas that I hadn’t finished earlier. Other than that, I spent much of today fiddling with things (like adding a couple of reviews to the library.

I did, however, spent about an hour and a half writing an article on anime. The idea is to provide parents with a fair summary of the anime genre, particularly in terms of what they should expect in terms of nudity, sexual content, vulgarity, etc. Obviously, I can’t tell them with certainty what they’ll find in any given anime show, but I can at least give parents an idea of what anime is really like.

In any event, I wrote almost all of it, except for the conclusion. It’s still very rough; I’ll have to refine it at least once more. Once that’s done, I’ll have to start looking for places to submit it.

Hmmm. I should also mention that I subscribed to an e-mail discussion list on Friday. The list is concerned with creating anime music videos. The signal-to-noise ratio is worse than I’d like, but I’m having fun reading and posting to it. As expected, I’m already throwing my opinions around several times a day.

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