Saturday, April 21, 2001

Network Solutions sent me an e-mail a few days ago, informing me that I can now get domain names that end in .ws. Yippee.

Who the heck wants a domain name ending in .ws? It doesn’t roll off the tongue, and everybody‘s going to ask what it stands for (“WebSite”). I’m not interested in grabbing And why did they roll out .ws before, say, .web?


Saalon and I talked last night about writing and getting published. We’ve both decided that it’s time for us to start seriously trying to get published. As such, we came up with a little contest: whichever one of us gets published first (in a paying, non-online market) gets free dinner the next time we get together.

This is rather silly, as every time we get together we’re constantly buying each other meals. But the idea should give us a little further impetus to write and submit stuff, and why not keep it low-key?

I had a good day today. After waking up, I ran to a local nursery to take advantage of a sale, and got a whole bunch of plants (more info on my garden site). Then I went to the post office to mail my Otakon music video entry, only to realize that I hadn’t put the right VHS tapes in the mailer.

I then ran home, in time to meet up with my parents. We then walked around Alexandria, first having brunch at a little English teashop called “The Tea Cozy”, then just wandering in and out of shops.

We came home, and I was feeling a little light-headed. I rested for awhile — reading more of The Lions of Al-Rassan while doing so — then planted everything I’d bought at the nursery. We ate dinner out on my deck, and chatted for several hours afterwards.

That pretty much blew out the rest of the night, so I worked on cleaning up a few files on my personal website here, and then went to bed.

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