Saturday, April 28, 2001

Went to the final official meeting of “Coffee and Classics” this morning, where we finished talking about Spurgeon’s All of Grace. We’re planning on keeping the group personal, and moving on to Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress in two weeks. Next time, we’ll meet at Suzie’s house, instead of at The Tea Cozy.

Unfortunately, I was low on cash — not unusual — so I limited myself to only ordering tea. We got out fairly late, and I was running seriously low on energy. Considering how upset my stomach’s been lately, this was not a very good situation.

So, I bought a couple of magazines (they had Rising Stars, but not a recent issue) and slipped into this fantastic Chinese restaurant nearby for brunch. I had the best Kung Pao chicken I’ve ever had as I flipped through a special edition of Writer’s Digest and the latest PC Magazine (John C. Dvorak‘s column on Napster was particularly good), then drove home.

But my parents had invited over friends for company, so I had to get through some chores. As much as I hate cleaning, I realized how crucial it was for me to get that done early, so I cleaned the house right off. Then my Dad had already got a jump-start on mowing the lawn, so I finished that up.

I wandered back to my deck to chug a Gatorade, and my stomach began to flash these lovely images of upchucking to my brain. I was starting to feel seriously nauseous. Fine; I went to the kitchen and snagged some crackers and cream cheese around my Mom as she worked on dinner. After consuming a few of these delicacies on my deck, I had enough energy to plant the Kirengeshoma I bought and at least water the plants that needed it desperately.

But I never fully recovered; I spent the rest of the night somewhat nauseous, laying in bed. While my time might’ve been better-spent at least chatting online, I did get to see a couple of really cool things on TV: a biography of comedienne Margaret Cho, Wakko’s Wish (an Animaniacs feature), which was even better than I expected, and Dave, which I’d seen before but was glad to re-experience.

Um. That’s about it, in terms of actual events. The guests evidently had a good time, but I only saw them briefly.

Meanwhile, I’ve been spending some nights going over the scripts for the first two episodes of Wine, polishing them in my head. If I get some spare time tomorrow, I’ll try to clean them up.

I’ve also been thinking about splitting this diary into several different diaries, and displaying the entries from different diaries programmatically. So, you could elect to see only the General and Writing-related diary entries here, but not the Gardening entries. I’ll think about it.

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