Friday, May 18, 2001

Well, this morning Kurt Skauen answered my plea for help, explaining why my test AtheOS application kept bombing out. Now it runs; it just doesn’t display the window. :sigh: Back to checking every single character of my code for a typo….

Of course, I should be using this time to work on the design of the AtheOS word processor I’m trying to make. I know what I want to do, but I really should get it all written down on paper to work out the problems that I’m sure to have. Time spent on design is never wasted.

Been having a very interesting conversation with Saalon about the film industry. He pointed out something that I never really grokked: In film, priority is given to somebody with one big success (and maybe some flops) over someone with many smaller successes and no failures. Kevin Smith has made four movies, all of which have turned a profit, but he has to fight tooth and nail to find funding for his films. But Paul Verhoeven, who’s made many flops, is given lots of money.

Heck, I’ll just quote Saalon:

That’s the problem I have with the entertainment industry. I understand that it’s a business, but you’re running your business badly. In the business world, most investors look for a reasonable return, and a stable plan to get them there. Hollywood has become the Lotto, pumping out films hoping for the Big Payoff. And a good investor doesn’t play the Lotto.

Saalon also pointed me in the direction of Doug Chiang Studio, which is working on this..thing named Robota. It looks like Star Wars, only completely different. Hard to describe. I’m drooling at the prospect, though.

In completely unrelated news, Piro’s latest rant on MegaTokyo deals with art and entertainment in a lot of interesting ways. Plus, he’s linked to pictures of himself. :-) I had no idea he was so old, comparatively speaking.

And while we’re on the comic front, 1/0 has been doing some really interesting stuff lately. It’s a good example of how important good writing is on a strip, art aside.

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