Monday, May 20, 2001


Got some feedback today from Saalon on “Anime Explained,” and have been making a number of changes to the article as a result. I’ve decided to take the “history” section and make it a sidebar, and I’ll add a new section on the positive aspects of anime.

I’ve also been increasingly interested in writing some present-day fiction. Perhaps it’s due to my recent subscription to the DorothyL (a mailing list devoted to mystery literature). No matter; I still want to evoke some magic in the here and now. So, I’m planning to spend some time with my Outlook-on-Cove short story some time this week.

I’ve always wanted to write science fiction or fantasy. Present-day fiction has never appealed to me, either in the reading or the writing of it. But writing for the present day flows so easily for me that I’m beginning to believe I was meant for it.

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