Monday, May 28, 2001

Today’s Memorial Day. I’ve been pleasantly productive, as it happens. I wrote some more of my modern-day short story, finished Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone (read my review), and planted several things in the garden.

I also updated my garden diary scripts to display images before and after the gardening update, if appropriate images have been uploaded. I hope this will encourage me to take more photos of my garden, as this will provide pictorial proof of my gardening efforts.

Come to think of it, my garden site is in serious need of a complete overhaul.

Writing Thoughts


I spent about an hour today working on my currently untitled short story, set in the modern day New England town of Outlook-on-Cove. No SF or fantasy here; this is a story about present-day people and present-day problems. It’s an excellent writing exercise.

Unfortunately, it’s also taking me a long time to write the story. I’m unused to the style, which requires a lot of descriptive prose. I’m also having to feel my way around the narrative structure of this sort of story; a character-based drama centering around a married couple’s argument is an awkward sort of story for me to unfold.

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