Monday, May 7, 2001

I spent much of this weekend doing very little of anything productive. This is OK, though, since I had planned to be unproductive. This was a weekend for recharging.

I did bake some cookies (Applesauce Oatmeal), had a blast on the last full night of AWANA club, and edited my “Anime Explained” article based on some suggestions from my Mom. More details in my brand-new writing diary, which you should be seeing just after this entry.

I’ve made some changes to my online diaries. I now have three: my personal diary, my writing diary, and my gardening diary. By default, you’ll see all of them when you load this page. If you don’t want to see them all, scroll to the bottom of this page and select which ones you want to hide, and click on the “View” button. Bookmark the page that comes up.

This will let me split out my diary entries among my different major interests. Since I usually have at least one or two gardening entries every week, and I should have some writing news at least as often as that, I can now keep news about each of those items separated from the others. If you’re not interested in hearing me talk about my garden, you won’t have to. Cool, ne?

I spent some time today looking at online journals, and came across lilanne’s journal, at Open Diary. She’s 17, and dealing with parents who are splitting up. She has this ability to really see whether things are right or not, and she’s a good writer, too. I think I’m going to read this regularly.

Writing Thoughts

You know what’s depressing? The guy who writes Not My Desk is doing a theme week this week, focusing on short temping stories written in a variety of genre styles. No, that’s not what’s depressing. What’s depressing is that he’s a better SF writer than I am.


In any event, I’m writing an article for parents; an article that answers the burning question, “What is anime?” The idea is to explain how anime series are generally different than American animation, and what to watch out for in terms of sexual content, nudity, violence, and general themes. I’ve sent copies of the article out to various friends and family, so they can look it over and critique it. Once I get their opinions, I can put it all together and send out the article to various magazines.

Yesterday my Mom got back with her critiques, so I made a bunch of changes based on her (excellent) suggestions. One of these days, I should post a complete post-mortem on the editing process for an article.

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